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Lectronic is one of the fastest growing companies in the Mobile Phone Accessories category in the US. Enormous success in the mobile phone accessories category inspired us to expand into other categories such as Tablets, Smart watches Virtual Reality Devices, Power Banks, Bluetooth headphones, Bluetooth Speakers, Universal chargers and various featured products. We continue to power ahead with your support.

Lectronic Products

Our Products

Power Bank

Lectronic Power Bank range having advanced technology, for fast charging, compared to traditional power banks. The power bank range is available in the 10,000 MAH and 20,000 MAH.


Lectronic Chargers are with multiple charging ports for quick and simultaneous multiple device charging. It is a user-friendly compatible adaptor and keeps your device safe from any hazards.

Charging Cable

The advanced technology of the Lectronic cables allows to change and transfer data faster than any other cables. It has a wide range of products suitable for all your electronic devices. The Cables are designed for extra durability and safety.


Lectronic Audio handsfree is a technologically advanced Bluetooth Headset with clear voice clarity. The range of products is stylish and having long battery life.

Digital Smart Body Scale

Lectronic comes up with a Digital Smart Body Scale, ideal for measuring body health parameters. It supports 17 types of body health check measurements instantly.The Smart Digital Body Scale is a user-friendly smart scale device that lets you stay fit by keeping track of body weight and other body parameters via phone without any hassle.

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