Charger - Lectronic

Desktop Charger

An adapter is a necessity to take care of all your devices and here is a charging adapter that could charge multi devices at the same time that includes tablets, smartphones, laptops, cameras, and speakers, and you can charge them with 72-Watts charger. Once the adapter relates to an AC cable, it is ready to use, and it gives an individual current to each device.

Wall Charger

Lectronics Wall Mount Chargers charge your mobile, Laptops, Tablets, and other devices faster compared to any other traditional chargers. Its safety technology features prevent your devices from over-voltage, over-heating, Fire hazards, short-circuit.

Car Charger

Super-fast charging Car Charger charges your mobile, tablets, and other devices faster than a traditional charger while you are driving. It has advanced safety features that always keep you and your devices safe from any accident hazard.