Power Bank - Lectronic


The Hyper Series is the latest in the technology of power banks and combines the versatility of wireless usage - being able to charge your phone without the need for any cables. Hyper Series competes with the capacity and functionality of the most reliable power banks in KSA market today – it can charge several devices at once – phone/ tablet/ or several phones.


The Elegent Series is distinctive due to the fact that it caters to all consumers needs by providing varied capacities – from really high to quite low. In addition, the size varies correspondingly, which means that if you need a small-sized power bank with a small capacity for just one device, or a larger one – all are available in the Elegent Series.

Glorious POWER Bank

The Glorious Power Banks Collection comes at the front of the line in a fast-growing range of power banks. It is compatible with any 5V input device that can charge your device super-fast via a USB port. It supports PD ultra-fast charging in/out via Port C and will charge your power bank in less time compared to a micro-USB port with about 40% faster charging.

Apex +

Apex+ wall Charger is a wireless power bank charger that comes with a Li-ion battery that ensures fast charging and safety. It is QI certified wireless charger.

Magnetic Wireless Power Bank

Lectronic Magnetic Power Bank is a fast charging power bank, compatible with all mobiles, and supports as many as 3 mobiles simultaneously. It is a user-friendly power bank compatible with magnetic wireless earphones, iPhone12, iPhone 13, and above.The product is available in 3 varieties - Black, White, and Blue.

Mini 10+

Lectronic Mini 10+ Power Bank is a unique power bank and is easy to carry. It is a fast-charging power bank that charges your devices quickly. It has a LED power indicator that indicates your power bank's current charging status. The product is available in 3 varieties - Black, Blue, and Red.